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Welcome to our top-line, high-quality selection of projector screens that is ideal for any environment you plan on setting up. Be it an in-house theater, presentation office, or classroom, we have the perfect screen for you. Visit our wide range of projector screens and be amazed by why we are considered among the best distributors and manufacturers of world-class display solutions in South Africa.

Standard Projector Screens

Ideal for almost every simple configuration, the standard projector screens possess excellent image clarity. These are easy to set up, quite flexible in terms of application, and just ideal for office or home use.

Screen Control Projector Screens

Take control of your presentations with our screen-controlled projector screens. This motorized feature will allow for accurate adjustments to consistently achieve that perfect viewing angle.

Electric Projector Screens

Our electric projector screens come with a modern, sleek finish. The screen can be pulled up or down using a button, and therefore, with this style, convenience seamlessly gets fused with class in your room.

In-ceiling Projector Screens

For a clean and unhindered installation, there is no better screen than an in-ceiling projector screen. It's built for a conference room or a high-end home cinema, and when the presentation is over, the after-effects from its style and decor in the room will not be ruined.

Thin Frame Projector Screens

Our Thin Frame Projector Screens are designed in a sleek and modern style that aids the ideal viewing area to be maximized. These screens perform optimally with upscale video since they produce clear and bright images.

Tripod Projector Screens

There is a need for a very light projector that is easy to set up when a person is on the move. Tripod projector screens are most appropriate. These screens are lightweight and easy to set up—ideal for mobile applications.

ALR Projector Screens

Ambient light-rejecting screens are best suited for a clear picture with quality, even in a high ambient lighting environment. These are perfect for any bright room with picture clarity.

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Take your home cinema to the next level with a top-of-the-line projector screen. Extend your view with our collection and buy the best screen that fits your needs. You will be assured of quality projector screens from us, just like you need them; we deliver fast across South Africa. Contact us now to find out more or place an order!