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Bankers Box

So, you’re looking for a storage solution for your records and filling but don’t know whether to go with storage boxes or Bankers Boxes. We’re going to make this difficult choice much easier for you – a Bankers Box (made by Fellows) is actually the similarly as a storage box, just with a fancy name. Now it’s time to focus on the other decisions that come with choosing a storage box. You need to consider whether you want boxes or drawers as well as the different options when it comes to size, lids, and durability. Before making your purchase, make sure you choose the appropriate box – and use this blog as your guide!

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers function like a filing cabinet but resemble storage boxes. You can stack these cardboard boxes however you like and the handles on the front support for smooth opening. Storage drawers are perfect if you have restricted space and need to reach files instantly and frequently.

When choosing a storage drawer, remember how much space you have for storage. Heavy-duty storage drawers (maximum space-saving) are fit to be stacked the highest (10 drawers high), saving you the most space. Extra space-saving drawers are suitable to stack seven drawers high while the basic space-saving drawers only stack two drawers high. Let’s take a closer look at some of the storage drawers available.

Storage Boxes

Different storage drawers, storage boxes open from the top with a lid. If you don’t need to access files as often and have the extra space, these are the best option for you. If transferring files off-site, they are much easier to work with as they have handles on the side. The main features of storage boxes include the type of lid, the strength of the box, and size.


  1. Do I have any specialty items to store? (binders, checks, x-ray films, etc.)
  2. What size are my files?
  3. How much storage space do I have?
  4. How often do I access files?
  5. How high do I want to stack storage boxes?
  6. Will they need to be moved off-site?
  7. Is colour coding required?

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