Fellowes AutoMax 300c Shredder

Fellowes Automax 300C Shredder

Fellowes has been frequently presenting shredding solutions to the customers in a variety of ways and machines. With the AutoMax 300C auto feed shredder, Fellowes has taken a different step to advance its shredding services. The Fellowes AutoMax 300C auto feed shredder is the powerful automatic shredder that can shred up to 300 papers into cross-cut particles for up to 30 continuous minutes. The Fellowes SureFeed technology reserves barrier of the materials that can be shred thus contain strong and quick shredding. Be it a paper, plastic credit cards, CD’s, DVD’s or spam mail, the possibilities are unlimited with the AutoMax 300C. All these operations are done automatically providing a hands-free shredding answer in the offices, banks or hospitals. The 300C also includes a smart lock function that engages after every shred cycle to ensure confidentiality. Furthermore, the AutoMax 300C offer a security of level P-4  along with the anti-jam system that ensures seamless operation preventing any interruptions due to crumbled or crinkled papers. This Fellowes paper shredder also offers ultra-quiet performance that reduces the typical noise of the shredding machines. With its Sleep Mode function that enables automatic shutdown after 2 minutes of inactivity, the 300C is the ideal automatic shredding solution.

Furthermore, the AutoMax 300C carry a heavy duty motor along solid steel cutters that are engineered to provide superior achievement. The 300C also comes with a 16-litre removable bin that supports a LED indicator for when the bin is full, providing easy support. The AutoMax 300C comes with an extended warranty of 2 years on the machine along with the blade warranty of 20 years. 

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