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All the latest models and great deals available on our website. Our main focus is 'AFTER-SALES SUPPORT' we want to make sure your brand new heavy duty shredder machine is running in a good condition over a very long period of time. If your heavy duty shredder needs a service just contact us. - We are proud to be a distributor in South Africa for heavy duty paper shredders. (Since 2005)

Heavy Duty & Industrial shredders are best suited for large offices where there are multiple users, shared workspaces and areas that produce or handle large volumes of sensitive information. A Heavy Duty Paper & Industrial Shredder will quickly destroy documents, shredding them into very small pieces.

Heavy Duty & Industrial Shredders offer a great solution for customer privacy and compliance. Reliable Heavy Duty & Industrial Shredders easily handle large volume. Long-lasting, they can destroy a wide range of documents, from a single bill or financial statement to large stacks of paper. Heavy Duty & Industrial Shredders can shred between 20 to 800+ sheets per pass . 

The importance of run times...

Runtime definition: The period of time for which the shredder will operate without finishing before a cool-down period activates during which the shredder cannot be used. A shredder’s run time is a feature which can be easily overlooked. Typically run times range from just a couple of minutes on entry-level, occasional use shredders in home environments to continuous duty for large office shredders which mean the shredder is always ready for use. 

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