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Shredders in South Africa

Buying a paper shredder can sometimes be a very difficult choice. The needs of each office differ, and our main goal is to make sure that you choose the right shredding machine for your office. All the available models are of the best quality in the world. You as a customer are incredibly important to us, which is why we want to satisfy each of our customers with our service and products.

To start our journey, we will first consider the question, "What exactly are shredders good for anyway?"

The short answer to the question above is security. Having a shredder in your office or home will allow you to destroy documents, expired credit-cards, labels attached to delivery boxes or parcels and in some cases CDs or DVDs that are no longer of use or contain sensitive data.

Shredders are designed to make it difficult or impractical to reassemble a document once it's been shredded. Items like CDs or DVDs would most certainly be impossible to reconstruct while special care needs to be taken when shredding credit-cards. If they are fed lengthwise into the shredder and the shredder has a Strip-Cut mechanism (cuts the paper into long strips), then its possible, under the right circumstances, for the 16 digit number on the card to be partially preserved. 

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