Rexel Prostyle+5 Shredder (7.5 Litre Bin, 6 Sheets, Cross Cut)

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Dispose of sensitive paperwork and payment cards safely and securely with the Rexel Prostyle+ 5 Cross Cut Paper Shredder.

Capable of shredding up to six sheets of paper at once, the paper shredder is perfect for both home and office use. It cross cuts your paper into 4 x 40 mm pieces for extra security, giving you complete peace of mind.

With a large 7.5 litre bin you won't be hindered by constantly having to empty the remains, and as the Prostyle+ 5 can shred through staples you won't have to waste time picking them out of your documents first. 

With a noise level of less than 73 dB, you can use the Prostyle+ 5 at any time without causing a distrubance to those working around you.

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