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A laminator plays a key role in maintaining the professionalism and endurance of essential documents. When you laminate a piece of paper with the machine, it forms an instantaneous protective shield against moisture, stains, dirt and spills, among other reasons that may contribute to potential flaws in the document. For these reasons, laminating machine has become an asset across homes and offices.

When looking for a laminating machine, there are plenty of essential factors to consider. You would want to go for one that strikes the perfect balance between the different functionalities and features, such as speed, size and capacity. 

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Automatic office laminator, auto feeds and laminates 30 A4 or A3 documents at a time.Save 98% of your time laminating with the worlds first fully automatic office laminator. You simplyload your documents in the Auto Feed tray, press the start button and it automatically laminates.Load, press, done! Easy load cartridge technology for perfect laminated documents time after time.Ideal for offices with regular lamination requirements.