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About Us

Since 2005 FlexiQ Systems cc has been a trusted provider of office products & machines across Southern Africa. We work in partnership with you to proactively support your office needs and help you realise your business aims and objectives.

At FlexiQ Systems cc t/a, you can rely on our sales team to assist you with your office needs. And when you become one of our customers, you'll join hundreds of happy customers from all over Southern Africa.

Our Products range:

Helping you with the most innovative of office supplies as well as general, standard office supplies.

Our variety of merchandises crosses the complete spectrum of office supplies, making us a go-to business for all your needs! Our office supplies include:

Heavy Duty Staplers Staplers, Staples and Perforators

      Our Benefits

      FlexiQ Systems has continued its moral values ever since its inception, which include:

      Integrity: Everything we do, we do it with integrity. We honor this company and all its clients and would never forget this essential value.

      Commitment: We are committed to our clients and what we do. We are never hesitant about going to extreme lengths to make the name of FlexiQ Systems a reliable one.

      Innovation: The members behind FlexiQ Systems value innovation and we are always seeking to integrate innovation into our new products.

      Your Satisfaction Comes First!

      It is not just our products that promise your satisfaction but also our exceptional customer service, fast delivery process, and efficient online and offline services. Everything that links to FlexiQ Systems is focused on keeping our clients happy!

      Our main concern is to make sure you are receiving full value for money, therefore, we are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns and also go to all ends to ensure the products you receive are intact and as you ordered. There are thousands of people who are buying their equipment from sources that don’t provide the quality and the high standards that are required in order to run a proper business. That’s never the case with FlexiQ Systems!

      Contact us today for more information or any questions. We’d be happy to help. 

      FlexiQ Systems t/a

      Here at FlexiQ Systems, a dedicated team of representatives is ever ready to tend to our customer service. Friendly, knowledgeable, and assistive, you can contact our representatives any time for any questions, concerns, comments, or information.