Choosing The Right Shredder

Where will the shredder be used? To select the right shredder model option according to run time, where the shredder will be used and the security level. Consider the following when choosing the most suitable shredder for your requirements.


Designed for multiple users and shared workspaces, such as printing/copy areas and open plan offices.
Number of Users 5 or more
Run Time 60 mins - Continuous Usage Heavy


Designed for 1-3 or 3-5 users at the deskside or in the small office.
Number of Users 1-3 or 3-5
Run Time Up to 45 minutes Usage Medium / Heavy


Designed for 1-3 or 3-5 users at the deskside or in the small office.
Number of Users 1 Run Time Up to 8 minutes Usage Light / Moderate
What level of security is required?

A strip cut shredder is ok, but it is recommended to shred with at least a cross cut shredder (DIN P-3 or P-4), which will shred each A4 sheet of paper up to 410 pieces. The images give examples of the levels of protection available, from the most basic strip-cut to the dust-like particles of the micro-cut shredders. DIN levels P-3 - P-5 should be suitable for the majority of users.

The importance of run times...

Runtime definition: The period of time for which the shredder will operate without finishing, before a cool-down period activates during which the shredder cannot be used. A shredder’s run time is a feature which can be easily overlooked. Typically run times range from just a couple of minutes on entry-level, occasional use shredders in home environments to continuous duty for large office shredders which mean the shredder is always ready for use. 
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