Cross cut Shredder for more security

For increased security in data destruction: shredders with particle cut

Strip Cut vs Cross Cut vs Micro Cut

Paper Shredders: cross cut for more security. The issue of data destruction plays an important role in any company, large or small. Internal documents and sensitive data may not be simply disposed of in this way, but must be destroyed by a professional company or by a paper shredder. Such paper shredders are divided into various security levels, depending on the size of the papers remaining at the end of the extermination process. Document cutters with a cross cut often have a particularly high safety requirement, while models that access strip cut have lower safety levels.

According to the current DIN standard EN 15713, shredders are assigned to 7 different safety levels, 1 being the lowest and 7 the highest:

Security levels

Level 1 max. 12 mm wide strip cut/max. 2000 mm² particle area
Level 2 max. 6 mm wide strip cut/max. 800 mm² particle area
Level 3 max. 2 mm wide strip cut/max. 320 mm 2 particle area
Level 4 max. 150 mm 2 of particle area
Level 5 max. 30 mm² particle area
Level 6 max. 10 mm² particle area
Level 7 max. 10 mm² particle area

But how do you find the right shredder for your own needs? There are numerous factors that are important when selecting a file shredder: the security level, the sheet capacity per operation, the operating time, and the size of the collection bin. The question of whether you are more likely to rely on a model with a particle cut or on a shredder with strip cut is usually closely related to the required safety level. Whether for commercial use or home use, the shredder should be carefully chosen.

Paper Shredders: Cross Cutting or Strip Cutting?

Paper shredders are available with particle cut or strip cut. In the case of paper shredders, a distinction is made between cut-to-size cutters and cross-cuts and strip cuts. While cutting strips cut the paper into uniformly wide strips, which have the length of the respective sheet, these strips are once again cut longitudinally in file shredders with a particle cut. The latter devices are also referred to as shredders with cross-cut.

As can be seen in the table above, a fundamental advantage of the particle cut is that thanks to an increase in the comminution rate, higher safety steps can be covered than in the case of a strip cut. Therefore, there are shredders with strip cut only up to security level 3. However, the latter technique also has a few advantages over the particle cut: paper shredders working with strip cut can often process the paper more easily and therefore have a higher capacity. In addition, file shredders with strip cut have a lower operating volume. But in addition to these aspects, there is another advantage that speaks for document shredders with particle or cross-cut. Because of the smaller particles, the volume of the paper residues is significantly lower, which is particularly advantageous with regard to the collecting containers, but also generally in disposal.

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