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The Right Ideal Shredder For Your Office

Here are several options of Ideal shredders to choose from. There are inexpensive shredders and there are the expensive ones. But buying the most expensive shredders is not always the best choice. Many of the medium-priced paper shredders will do the job. This site will help you decide which paper shredder is the best for your needs.

Why Should I Buy A Ideal Shredder

Having a Ideal shredder in your home or office is a must these days. Think about all the important papers you throw away each day. Bank statements, credit card statements, and those important business documents are not something you want to throw in the garbage. What do you do with all those credit card applications? Throwing them in the garbage could be a huge security risk these days. Identity theft is on the rise and can ruin your financial profile if it happens to you. One of the easiest things you can do to prevent identity theft is to shred your documents. The thieves can't put all those pieces of paper back together and will pass on your information.

Ideal Shredder Types And Features

Strip Cut - This type of shredder is also called spaghetti cut or straight cut. When you put the paper in, the shredder cuts the paper into long, thin strips. They can handle more paper at one time and shred the sheets into one-eighth to one-quarter inch wide strips. Of course, a thief can take what your shred and tape them together. You would think what a huge task that would be, but it has happened in the past. Having a larger wastebasket to catch the shredded paper is necessary because the paper does not compress like a cross-cut paper shredder.

Cross Cut - This type of shredder cuts the paper into confetti-size pieces which cannot be put back together. That makes the use of this shredder better for security reasons. A tradeoff is that they will cost more than the strip cut paper shredders. The wastebasket will hold more because the shredded paper compresses better. Look for the size of the confetti cut particles when doing your research. The smaller pieces mean better security.

Capacity - If you are going to shred a lot of paper, then buying a shredder that can handle many sheets of paper at once is a better choice. If you buy an inexpensive one, you will burn it out in a day. Low volume shredders can handle 100 - 150 sheets a day. You also do not want to spend your time feeding in 2 sheets at a time. The higher capacity shredders can handle 5 - 10 sheets at a time which of course will speed up your time.

Mouth Size - The size of the opening where you put the paper in is another feature to look at. Make sure it can handle legal, letter and standard envelope sizes. Also, a good shredder can handle credit cards, floppy disks, CD's and DVD's, staples and small paper clips. The standard seems to be a 240mm" mouth which will handle an unopened envelope with ease. A smaller mouth will work fine but the shredder will work more because you will have to run the regular size envelope through it the long way.

Extra Features
Some of the other features to examine are listed below. These features may add on to the cost of your shredder. Analyze each feature, decide if they are necessary and decide if they will fit your budget.

Quietness of motor 
Size of basket 
Basket has a window so you can see when full 
Automatic start and stop 
Buzzer to alert you of paper jams 
Automatic reverse in case of paper jam 
Buzzer to alert you when basket is full 
Reverse feed to help in removing paper jams 
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