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Would like a permanent board that I'll use for 10 or a lot of years? — this can be extremely one in every of the for most necessary inquiries to raise yourself, since glass whiteboards nearly last longer than most corporations even exist! It’s one in every of the most important reasons why corporations pick a glass whiteboard, is that they apprehend their investment are detached over the course of 10, twenty, even thirty or a lot of years! In contrast to ancient whiteboards, glass whiteboards entertain or streak, that is one among of} the most reasons you would like to exchange whiteboards every 5 to 10 years. Since their hearty and sturdy and keep clean forever, there’s extremely now ought to ever replace them. If your business venture might or might not begin, or if you don’t foresee needing a glass whiteboard in twenty to thirty years, then you will not need to take a place the cash into one. Although, you may continually sell it within the event that you just now not want it. It’s only 1 issue to contemplate.

Could I doubtless break a Glass Whiteboard? — this can be one in every of the largest issues once it involves a glass whiteboard, since many folks hear the word “glass” and suppose “breakable.” because we tend to use tempered glass for our boards, that is up to 10 times stronger than regular glass, it’s still a vital question to raise. For the foremost half, these boards square measure nearly indestructible. We’ve tested them against all types of impact, and they’ve start off resilient.

Is it well worth the investment? — this can be utterly up to you. Glass whiteboards will are available in a range of colors, together with opaque, frosted, white, black and custom back painted glass, that means your board will certainly stand out from a standard board. They’re sturdy and last close to as long as you’d like them to, thus this question you’ll ought to declare yourself. If you’re curious about searching for rating data, give us a call!

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