Paper Shredder Guideline

Home Use Shredder – Recommended for Individual use and very low volume of shredding.  Requirement to shred up to 30 sheets of paper per day.
Personal Use Shredder –  1 User wanting to shred roughly 50 sheets per day.
Desk Side Shredder - Up to 10 sheets of paper can be shredded per pass and a requirement to shred about 100 sheets of paper per day:
Small Office Shredder - Can easily shred up to 250 sheets of paper per day and good for 3 to 5 users.  Shredder generally shreds between 10-20 sheets of paper per pass and depending on the shredder model specification.
Medium Office Shredder - Suggested for up to 10 users in a busy office wanting to shred on average 500 sheets of paper per day. Medium Office Shredders will shreds up to 20-30 sheets per pass.
Large Office Shredder – Perfect for 20+ users requiring shredding up to 1000 sheets of paper per day. Large Office Shredders will shreds up to 30 or more sheets per pass.

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