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Small Construction Company? You Need a Binding Machine

by  | Oct 27, 2016 | Binding Machine, Coil Binding Machine, Comb Binding Machine, Wire Binding Machine

binding covers and spines for coil, comb, wire or unibind

I was talking to a friend of mine recently. He was telling me stories about how competitive it is out there to get construction work. Back in the day, it was pretty easy. Now, it seems more companies are fighting for fewer jobs. So, we had a marketing 101 discussion. How do you separate yourself from the rest of the pack? So, we talked about putting a construction kit together for him.

So, I suggested that he create some standard documents that can be used to educate your customers. These standard documents then can be put together using a binding machine. You can go inexpensive and use comb binding machine or get creative with a coil binding machine. Or, if you want to get real fancy, use a wire binding machine. That would make you look far superior to anything your competition would use. Create something that sounds like this: Continue reading “Small Construction Company? You Need a Binding Machine” »

Binding Machines Have A Purpose: Ikea Catalog Parody of Apple

Paper or Digital? That is still the question today.ikea catalog picture

Should you even have a binding machine? Do paper documents still have a use in today’s business?

The answer is yes. An ongoing study in Europe suggests that readers retain more from paper than they do from digital formats. So, if you want to publish something that people will read, it is best to put it into a paper form. iPads and Kindles are not necessarily the best formats for students to retain knowledge. Continue reading “Binding Machines Have A Purpose: Ikea Catalog Parody of Apple” »

Wire Binding Supplies: Many Choices and Colors

Wire Binding provides an elegantly professional look to your bound documents. Something as small as the DSC_0080_(1_of_1)binding of your document can project the right marketing image like black turtlenecks did for Steve Jobs.  People still buy an image. The right wire binding supplies can support the image you are trying to project to prospects and customers.

So, here is the breakdown of wire binding supplies, their sizes and the number of pages they can support:

Pitch 3:1

DiameterBound ThicknessPages1/4″3/16″455/16″1/14″603/8″5/16″757/16″3/8″901/2″7/16″1059/16″1/2″120  Continue reading “Wire Binding Supplies: Many Choices and Colors” »

How to choose the right binding machine for your office?

You have completed your presentation, report or proposal. All those pages in the presentation, the employee manual, the book, the instructional guide, the schematics… They’ve all got to have be put together to present a customers’ budget, the readers needs and a style that looks good. What is the best binding machine for you to buy? comb binding machine

Well, the answer to this one will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. You may even want more than one machine. There are several choices to use, but the choice needs to be determined by a couple of factors:

  1. Are you using it primarily for marketing?
  2. Are they being used for internal documents?
  3. Are you presenting material for clients?
  4. How much binding will you be doing?

Continue reading “How to choose the right binding machine for your office?” »

Spiral Binding, Wire Binding or Perfect Binding? It Depends

Wire binding and coil binding serve many purposeswire_spiralbinding

Ask anyone what their favorite binding system is and you will get a bunch of different answers. My favorite binding system is a new system called MasterBind. Yet, there is a lot of debate still on whether wire binding, plastic coil binding or perfect binding are the best out there. Spiral wire and plastic coil binding have their advantages in both are cost effective approaches to document finishing. Perfect binding people will talk about how their system is more stylish and provides high-end finishing. Its advantage is it looks and acts like a real bound book. Both have their purposes. Today, we are taking a closer look at wire and coil. Continue reading “Spiral Binding, Wire Binding or Perfect Binding? It Depends” »